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C.L. Talwar & Son’s has been in business since 1959. With over 5 decades of experience in Manufacturing a wide variety of Products carried out in Company's Manufacturing unit in the heart of Brass City Moradabad, a city 150 kms from Delhi. We used to export our products since 1974 to various countries in each of the six continents of the world.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers responsive, competent and excellent service. Our customers are the most important part of our business, and we work tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction by serving millions of customer’s everyday with a strong connectivity base that matters 24/7/365. We will connect and integrate everything from your necessities to your wants, from requirements to customization and from you to We.

We are well known for not compromising on quality and for continual product innovation. The most thorough research and development, the most careful selection of materials, the best manufacturing practices and the strictest quality control - all go into making the handicrafts which are trusted by the millions of buyers.

Our Mission

We have one overarching goal: to win over customers, to truly please them by delivering products and service beyond their expectations, to earn their friendship and build relationships that will endure.

We offer products that are needed, well-designed, well-made and reasonably priced. We continually strive to improve our products and Buyers service.

Pleasing Buyers is our livelihood and our vocation. It is the best way we have of fulfilling the expectations of employees, vendors and other associates. Our single-minded determination to please Buyers drives the kind of people we employ and promote, the investments we make and the results we produce.

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